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An index is an outsourced list of information pointing to what you actually want to know. For instance, the index of a book.

Compression of data is when you have such a high volume of information to remember that you resort to outsourcing… such as to an index.

Processing power is the speed at which a thing can comprehend new information fully. Some people refer to this by other metaphors, like “horsepower”.

Data is a collection of snapshots, with as much context surrounding it as the people who collected the data cared enough to share.

Memory is like the short-term ability to recall data. It’s also referred to as “caching” in programming / computer science circles.

A computer is a system designed to process information. It is a series of software — programmed instructions — encased in metal and plastic hardware — the big boxy stuff including fans, glue, and spit.

The human mind is the most advanced computer that has evolved, so we think. Although it is flawed because it often gets the basics wrong, like how to regulate our food, water, and sleep intake.

The data discipline of machine learning or artificial intelligence are an attempt to mimic the human mind’s way of thinking and learning and evolving.

Some human minds have higher processing power, larger memory capacity, and stronger physical hardware than other humans.

Some humans also have larger hearts, with more compassion and a spirit for fighting for the greater good.

Some human bodies also have more resilience to experience pain. For instance, because those with X chromosomes evolved to give birth, we tend to have a higher pain tolerance.

If you are strong in all three aspects: mind, spirit, and body, then you are the literal definition of awesome.

But it doesn’t really matter unless you state your intentions, recognize when you’ve overlooked things, acknowledge and apologize when you’ve unintentionally created harm, and lived forward with more resolve, transparency, and self-accountability.

First published April 22, 2021. I’ve worked in the tech sector directly for over two years now and have always wondered what was missing. My current hypothesis is that no matter how much of a thinker you are you, no matter how much soul a company has, if there are broken communication lines and a lack of working mirrors in the board room, it doesn’t really matter.