What if HEY and Basecamp were designed with inclusivity as a first principle?

***Content warning***: workplace abuse, being an under/overvalued employee, extreme silence/giving space, holy schmoly just talk to each other people!, meeting people where they are at, radical consent, meeting people where they are at, mis-identification of naturally born aliens, tl;dr TIL, why does this place have froyo everywhere?!; I mean… yeah. Bubble tea is awesome. Everybody knows that in A2. Do you know why it’s called Ann Arbor? The way the story goes is it was founded by a man who loved trees (arbor) and his wife (Ann).

Categorize with intention

Construct with meaning As a data analyst, I am often in the position of taking a big group and dis-aggregating that group into a small number of categories. It may sound simple enough, but over time I’ve learned that the art of categorization is mired with missteps indeed. For instance, race and gender are constructs:Continue reading “Categorize with intention”

Hypothetical functions of humanity

If qualities were functions of math… ability to recognize humanity = f(observation, empathy, communication) getting shit done = f(think + observe, try + learn, repeat better) psychological safety = f(context, trust, consistency) frustration = inverse of being ambitious and striving to fulfill potential = negative distance between expectations and reality trust and honesty = distanceContinue reading “Hypothetical functions of humanity”

Does not compute

Humans > Computers An index is an outsourced list of information pointing to what you actually want to know. For instance, the index of a book. Compression of data is when you have such a high volume of information to remember that you resort to outsourcing… such as to an index. Processing power is theContinue reading “Does not compute”

Admitting colleges

Admitting colleges are a crapshoot When I applied to college as a 17-year-old high school senior, I was freaked out. I had just witnessed my incredible, wise-beyond-her-years sister be rejected by all of her dream schools: Harvard, Yale, Princeton… even the University of Michigan, our local public school. It shook me to my core. HowContinue reading “Admitting colleges”

In search of dignity at work

I am not your Yoko Ono I never understood all these pop culture references growing up. “Privileged to”. “Serving at the pleasure of.” “Captain, my captain.” “One ring to rule them all.” They required context, specifically White context, and I wasn’t that. Also: I didn’t have the time. I spent my school vacations working theContinue reading “In search of dignity at work”

I’m getting some feedback

Stop the beta spray In the rock climbing community, there’s a turn of phrase: “beta spray”. It’s what people call it when a climber throws out all this knowledge about how to climb a particular route — called colloquially, a “problem”. Guess who tends to beta spray? Men. White men, in particular. I’ve done it.Continue reading “I’m getting some feedback”