Living with curiosity

This, to me, is what living with curiosity is about. It’s having viewpoints and the humility to evolve them. It’s recognizing that differences aren’t scary things to shy away from or isolate behind a wall made of stone or silence: they are often opportunities to learn and stretch and experience the world more fully.

Beyond the bubble

Every path I’ve taken on this marathon on sand we call “life” has been a path to break out of a bubble. To face discomfort head-on with a smile, clear eyes, and full heart.

Data doesn’t drive

When I started my professional career in 2011, “data driven” was a hot concept. I was young and impressionable and found myself eagerly using the phrase. I was going 100mph down Data Driven Highway, singing at the top of my lungs with no end in sight. In hindsight, it’s hilariously sad that I missed the warning signs and huge crashes on the side of the road.

Quiet screaming

Once I was asked how I respond to fear. Do I run? Scream? Fight back? The answer isn’t that simple.

Live forward

I don’t seek a return to “normalcy”. I live forward, because I know there’s no going back to “normal”.