existing in intersection

happy home cook. board gamer. rock climber. disabled/neurodiverse.
constant learner. internal agitator. process-oriented.
she/they. sister. daughter. aunt. partner. friend. confidante.
child of immigrants. midwest asian american. global traveler.
volunteer. mentor. activist. community member. community organizer.
book reader. music appreciator. podcast listener. openly quiet processor.
from public school to private over-hallowed halls.
from low-income class to owning class.
from engineering
to humanitarian crisis response
to energy & infrastructure delivery
to smallholder farmer services
to community financing
to tech with a soul.
a survivor. one who knows how to thrive.
influenced by data and society.
biased towards action.
code switcher. bridge builder.
polyglot. linguist. anthropologist. diplomat.
shapeshifter. asker. constantly curious.
tinker. tailor. soldier. spy.
wise, not reckless, with a taste for experimentation.
empathetic, if a bit of a space cadet.
occasional doodler.


thanks to Kimberlé Crenshaw for putting into a single word what so many of us feel 🖤