resisting is acting on your values everyday.

Pay it forward

Racist capitalism is poison that has weakened every facet of society and been used to “justify” horrific crimes against humanity while destroying our planet. We need massive power and wealth distribution enshrined in national and international policies.

What I do

  • Vote and campaign for progressive tax structures and budgets that center providing basic human services, not militant oppression
  • Put 20%+ of my post-tax income towards nonprofits and mutual aid networks filling the gap, and social justice organizers working to close the systemic gaps for good
  • Prioritize purchasing from small businesses owned and staffed by women of color, including immigrants; in general, pay attention to who builds wealth from my spending
  • Minimize material consumption; upcycle if possible; compost
  • Invest with a social justice lens
  • Invite and encourage others to pay it forward now, not later

Most Memorable Influences

Clear eyes, full heart

Good intentions are never enough. I strive to understand the impact of my actions and of those around me. While sometimes measuring from baseline is the healthier perspective, when it comes to systemic inequities, we need to measure from justice.

What I do

  • Center the perspectives and needs of those with the least privilege in any given situation
  • (Un/re)learn history and connect the throughlines to the systems of today that perpetuate inequity
  • Question the language I use, replacing phrases that normalize ableism, white supremacy, and violence with more meaningful words
  • Apologize when I make a mistake that causes harm, and conscientiously learn from those mistakes
  • Expect actions to match words
  • Actively call in others, especially in spaces where I have adjacency to whiteness
  • Celebrate the wins while acknowledging the trade-offs

Most Memorable Influences

For us

Communities are stronger than the sum of their individual members. I believe in conscientious gathering as food for the soul and collective action as the path towards equitable living. Individualism is about surviving. Community is about thriving.

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