Beyond the bubble

Every path I’ve taken on this marathon on sand we call “life” has been a path to break out of a bubble. To face discomfort head-on with a smile, clear eyes, and full heart.

Admitting colleges

Admitting colleges are a crapshoot When I applied to college as a 17-year-old high school senior, I was freaked out. I had just witnessed my incredible, wise-beyond-her-years sister be rejected by all of her dream schools: Harvard, Yale, Princeton… even the University of Michigan, our local public school. It shook me to my core. HowContinue reading “Admitting colleges”

Recipe for apology

A recipe for an apology, in poem form Dear ____________ I come as a friend To say there is someone in your life who in particular is hurting And I think would appreciate you showing some personal introspection and public self-accountability in order to heal Some clues: ________________ ________________ you, incidentally, were actually the personContinue reading “Recipe for apology”

Quiet screaming

Once I was asked how I respond to fear. Do I run? Scream? Fight back? The answer isn’t that simple.