In search of dignity at work

I am not your Yoko Ono I never understood all these pop culture references growing up. “Privileged to”. “Serving at the pleasure of.” “Captain, my captain.” “One ring to rule them all.” They required context, specifically White context, and I wasn’t that. Also: I didn’t have the time. I spent my school vacations working theContinue reading “In search of dignity at work”

I’m getting some feedback

Stop the beta spray In the rock climbing community, there’s a turn of phrase: “beta spray”. It’s what people call it when a climber throws out all this knowledge about how to climb a particular route — called colloquially, a “problem”. Guess who tends to beta spray? Men. White men, in particular. I’ve done it.Continue reading “I’m getting some feedback”

Selecting Metrics

The metric people fixate on tells you a lot about their frame of reference That is, after all, the whole point of selecting metrics. Remember, data never got it’s driver’s license. For instance, recently someone I loved showed hesitancy to get the COVID-19 vaccine. I was so surprised. They were an engineer by training. WhatContinue reading “Selecting Metrics”

Dinnertime Discussions

While I think about long-term visions, P keeps us grounded on the important details of the present, like dessert.

Quiet screaming

Once I was asked how I respond to fear. Do I run? Scream? Fight back? The answer isn’t that simple.

Live forward

I don’t seek a return to “normalcy”. I live forward, because I know there’s no going back to “normal”.