thinking is best served with meaningful action

I think a lot about the intersection of everyday life with policy, infrastructure, and institutions of power. As an engineer by training, I find myself digging into the systems behind the symptoms. I constantly ask how we can do things in a more just, more compassionate, and more sustainable way.

Foundational thinking

I write with irregular frequency. You can follow along here.

A note for all those wishing you could speak up more, but afraid to use your voice. For what it’s worth, I used to blog in the early 2010s as a way to process my experience as a Princeton-in-Africa fellow, when I was placed in Nairobi, Kenya working for the International Rescue Committee. At the time, I was pretty care-free: straight out of college with an unexpected couple thousand dollars in my bank account thanks to a financial aid policy my university had that meant if you got $1 in aid your junior and senior years, you immediately got something like $7k-$8k/year for eating however you chose: through the quintessential eating clubs, by staying part of a residential college dining hall, joining a food cooperative, using a shared kitchen in the dining halls, or whatever else you wanted. I was healthy, the people I loved were healthy, and I could just… exist. It was marvelous. After I returned to the US, I tried to keep it up but ultimately stopped because it felt like nobody here really cared about me as a human. They just wanted someone who could get shit done and since I am pretty darn organized and have been acclimated to a high level of Just Power Through It mentality (what some would call ‘masochism’), I was the perfect person to exploit with a billable hours system. It would take years of soul-searching and yearning to belong before I finally felt comfortable enough in my own skin to begin writing again, quietly processing out loud with anyone else who was similarly asking: hey, is it just me?